Brian and Sophie's spaceship/home is the primary setting of My Parents Are Aliens and is the spaceship of the aliens Brian and Sophie Johnson. When they crashed on earth they morphed it into a house in order to blend in and it became the household of their adopted children the Barkers.

During their second crash on earth, they morph the house in a lighthouse and home to blend in with their new location by the seaside, and this becomes the home to the Bennets.

The "original" house design had a front door which went into the open living room. Next to the living room is a kitchen, which has the back door (where the children normally depart through when going to school). Upstairs Josh Barker has his own bedroom, which he later shares with CJ. Mel Barker (then later Harry) share a room with Lucy Barker. Brian and Sophie's room is never seen onscreen.

The second floor contains an attic, which appears to be the primary control room.

In the episode "Hotel Sophie" Sophie turns the house into a hotel in order to try and make extra cash, but this goes pear shaped when Brian's emotions causes it to snow and nearly give the guests frost bite, resulting in them being forced to pay compensation. Note: this is the only time where the house is seen from the exterior (from the bottom floor) although it was modified to look like a hotel, so may not be its original appearance.

It is not explained how Brian and Sophie got off with shaping their crashed spaceship into a house, as seemingly no one noticed how another house appeared next door to them. The exact same happens when they crash land by the sea and turn their spaceship into a lighthouse, nobody seemed to notice how a massive lighthouse appeared out of nowhere.

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