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The Universal Guidebook category is the highest-level category for in-universe articles. Its name is based on the device used by Brian and Sophie, the Galactic Guidebook. Like the Galactic Guidebook, the Universal Guidebook is a guide to the universe of My Parents Are Aliens. As was Brian and Sophie's objective to update the Galactic Guidebook in Series 8, our editors work to fill the Universal Guidebook with info.

This super-category should have only one individual article attached to it: the one which describes the My Parents Are Aliens universe itself. Otherwise, it should remain a "category of categories".

Within this super-category, you will find reference to things which exist in the real world, but are a part of the My Parents Are Aliens universe itself.


This category has the following 7 subcategories, out of 7 total.








Pages in category "Universal Guidebook"

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