Howie (character)
Character Information
Nicknames Howie
Occupation Student
Gender Male
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Brown
Parents Brian Johnson (Foster Father)
Sophie Johnson (Foster Mother)
Brothers Josh Barker (Foster Brother)
Sisters Mel Barker (Foster Sister)
Lucy Barker (Foster Sister)
Social Worker Mrs Reece
Production Information
First Episode Howie
Last Episode Howie
Series Series Three
Played By Nathan Gray

Howie was a character who only appeared in the episode of the same name.


Howie was a new child fostered by Sophie and Brian, but turned out to be a safety freak which was brought on after his parents were killed in a fire. The revelation of what happened to his parents softened the family up to him, as they initially found him irritating. When Howie discovered that Sophie and Brian were aliens he attempted to make a run, followed by them and the Barkers giving chase.


  • Due to being unpopular with the fan base, the character wasn't carried over for the fourth series. No in-universe explanation was given for the character's absence in the programme.
  • He acted as a sort of forerunner to CJ, who would debut in the sixth series. Although that character was not that well received with the fan base either, he still remained a permanent member of the cast until the end of series seven.

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