Mr. Whiteside
Character Information
Occupation Teacher
Hair Colour Brown
Relationships Josh Barker (enemy)
Alison Hardman (colleague)
Production Information
First Episode The Genius
Last Episode Thanks For All The Earthworm Custard
Played By Dan O'Brien

Mr. Graham Whiteside is a teacher and the archenemy of Josh Barker, appearing as a prominent antagonist throughout the series and would put a damper on Josh's schemes.

Josh's adoptive mother Sophie Johnson has a crush on him despite being married to Brian which was a recurring joke throughout the series. In the final episode Thanks For All The Earthworm Custard he was at the Barkers leaving party and revealed to Josh that he was happy to see him go, and Josh told him the feeling was mutual. Sophie gives Whiteside a final kiss (and so does Brian).

Although Mr. Whiteside and Josh make it clear they won't miss each other, they still shake hands as they part ways, showing at least a small sign of respect for one another.

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