Mrs Alison Hardman (Beatriz Kelly) (19992005), another of Josh's and Lucy's teachers who, unsurprisingly, has a dislike for Josh,and a liking for Lucy. She went to the house to tell Josh that he might have Dyslexia. He did not believe her and, thinking that she was Brian in disguise, threw several scoops of ice cream over her head resulting in her leaving the house and vowing to tell his Doctor and The School Counselor to give him extra work about being Dyslexia. (The Box) She would be sorry about giving him extra work, and expressed those feelings to him at the leaving party. (Thanks For All The Earthworm Custard) She cannot take criticism. Mrs Hardman had an unquestionable talent for ballroom dancing(Brian's 11 Minus 8, Dirty Dancing); she also enjoys her usual job as a brownie leader. (Brian of the Brownies)

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