My parents are aliens is a very sexy show and a lot of people like it. The aliens have 3-5 sex slaves in there care, the sex slaves are all black. I am going to write you an article so you will know every thing there is to know.Edit

There are 2 aliens that have decided to adopt. The children they adopt are called Mel, Josh and lucy, Cj and harriet come in later. Brian and Sophie are from Valux and there favourite food is bin bag stu they are on Earth for 7 years until on the episode " Thanks for all the earth worm custard " they set to go back to Valux but Brian presses the red button which sets of the auto piolet causing them to crash near the coast and then they both start to planing to going to the chidrens home. There are other characters like Trent and Wendy, Trent is Mel's boyfriend and Wendy is Lucy's best friend. Tania is Josh's ex girl friend and pete and frankie is Josh's best friend. Brian and Sophie have to keep a low profile so they don't get discoverd and end up on alien facilty benches being opetated on. Josh is allways scamming people sometimes even the teachers by offering to fix Mr Whitesides personal organiser when he manages to fix an MP3 player. Brian can morph with no trouble but Sophie needs ice-cream to morph eventhough Brian told her all he knows but mostly worked on instinct. Brian once protended that he was disabled and then got ran over by an 18 wheeled fuck. Brian loves knitting and likes playing with josh's dick. Ever since they arrived on Earth called " The bible " which shows a small screen like a projestor and tells them the correct answer for earth. Brian once got a job as a homeless person and also burgaled loads of houses. He was named Skinner.  On the episode " Burgalers can't be choosers "  Lucy starts to wet the bed, What a cum dumpster!Edit

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