{{Character |name=Josh Barker |image= Hi Im Josh |occupation=Student |family=Lucy Barker
Mel Barker
Sophie + Brian |first= [[Robojosh |portrayer=[[Dylan Sprouse }}last The Naked Trulth Robojosh was the name given to a robot duplicate of Josh Barker. He was created by Brian Johnson to be the perfect son.


He was created when Brian wanted a perfect son and his attempt to use a wooden Dummy failed. Brian was inspired by a chance comment by the human Josh Barker to build the robot. The created son was powered by Uranium batteries and visulaly was a perfect replica even though its voice was slightly robotic and a Molecular disassembler was inserted in his arm. However Brian never quite finshed the back plating so a slight knock could cause anything from a thermo nuclear exposion to thinking he was Elton John.

Taking his doubles lifeEdit

Because of Brian's programming, this Josh was far more loving of Brians hobbies. This led to Brian preffering his creation to his adopted son. The machine then subtley took Josh's bedroom and place in life. When Josh protested, "Josh" tied him up and stuck him in the wardrobe.


He then started school and "inherited" the original friends who immediatly noticed his odd personality. He then went to Mr Graham Witesides class after class He talked him round to see a Social worker to help him with his home-work and many moods he soon became one of the members in the series and now has friends to who also helps him


After geting in trouble, he earned the respect of his friends, leading Pete Walker to pat him on the back. This lead to a malfunction because the back plating wasn't finished His mouth went werid  He then activated his Molecular disassembler "Josh then chased after Brian  later Robotjosh also became a T-shirt character and then after became a new character in the series by parents Brian and Sophie Johnson he grew up as a Robot who had a werid temper but now he has settle in nicely he is then asked to be a normal student at the school as a person with them helping him to

RobotJosh  is now entered as a high class fashion model wearing many outfits and beachwear as a fashion model he now poses with many teenage girls as a famous model with a big profile now as Dylan Sprouse as a Character in the series aka Season 9

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