Series 9 is a spin-off online written story, which will launch of the tenth anniversary since the conclusion of the series of My Parents Are Aliens. Unlike previous series', this will follow a structured story arc and reunite all former characters and act as the definite conclusion to the series.


Ten years since adopting the Bennets, Brian and Sophie Johnson are now alone trying to find meaning in life now that the kids have flown the nest and to live their own lives. Soon they are informed by Valuxian high command that an alien incursion is pending as they have now received all additional updates on human culture, much to the horror of Brian and Sophie. With the help of Guido they get back their old memories with the Barkers and set out on a journey to track down their former foster children and to prevent the Valuxian invasion. But due to the length of time, will it be easy to win back their foster children and save the earth?

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  • This will be a lot more of a serious take on the series, although will still feature humour.
  • The style of art will be similar to the cartoon introduction of the series.
  • The Barkers parents will be first seen, with the use of flashbacks and the depiction of the car crash.
  • Unlike the actual series, it won't just take place in a few interior sets but will show Brian and Sophie's journey and exterior locations.
  • As well as Brian and Sophie and the Barker and Bennett characters, a lot of former My Parents are Aliens characters will feature, either as supporting roles or cameos and an insight into their life a decade on will be seen.
  • Although just a cartoon comic, the actors will still get "credit" due to their contribution to the original televised series and for their likeness being used.
  • Features the title My Parents are Aliens: The Reunion.