Uncle Brian
Uncle Brian
Character Information
Eye Colour Brown
Hair Colour Brown
Wife Aunt Sophie
Relatives Mel Barker (Niece)
Josh Barker (Nephew)
Lucy Barker (Niece)
CJ (Foster Nephew)
Harry (Foster Niece)
Production Information
First Episode Series One
Last Episode Thanks For All The Earthworm Custard
Series Series Seven (2005)
Played By Tony Gardner

Uncle Brian is the uncle to the Barker children and the husband of Aunt Sophie, played by Tony Gardner.


He and his wife revisited England to foster Josh Barker, Mel Barker and Lucy Barker. They met Brian Johnson and Sophie Johnson and Brian sniffed his bottom. This made him realise that the couple were Aliens. unfortunately Brian and his wife were both caught in Cartoon Mode for a long time in the attic until the episode Thanks For all the Earthworm Custard when they were freed. The Real Brian and Sophie were the Auntie and Uncle of Mel, Josh and Lucy

They left for Canada again, taking Mel, Josh and Lucy But now their in Season 8 with lucy,s new job teaching students about chess and the pieces and wendy teaching science to her many students


According to the episode Aliens Go Home, Brian got his appearance from a magazine and not Uncle Brian.

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