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Wendy Richardson
Wendy Richardson
Character Information
Occupation: Student
Eye Colour: Unknown
Hair Colour: Ginger
Production Information
First Episode: Nobody's Perfect
Last Episode: Thanks for All the Earthworm Custard
Appearances: 1 - 7
Played By: Isabella Melling
Wendy Richardson is Lucy's only friend. She is very similar to Lucy due to her scientific and studious nature. Throughout some episodes it's obvious that she isn't always as smart as Lucy and is less in touch with popular culture than Lucy. At times she acts pompous and somewhat arrogant towards Lucy (When Swaps Go Bad, Worst Aid) she will always lose exams/tests to Lucy by 1% (Wheels of Misfortune Part 1) Wendy fears getting into trouble and is incapable of keeping secrets, she often wonders "what's really going on" in Lucy's family.  

Wendy's mother and father are determined for her to do well in her studies and do better than anyone else and appear competitive with other parents.In series 3 Wendy moves to Birmingham for 6 months as her mother gets a short term job there (Her parents believed moving her away permanently so close to puberty would affect her "emotional development" ("The invosibibble Mam") 

Despite originally having strong feelings for Josh in series 6 (Help) she eventually get's together with Frankie ("Thanks for all the earthworm custard") due to Brian messing up the mindwipe, instead of filling Wendy's head with Chess facts he fills it with knitting facts. 

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